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Real world monitoring, planning, management & consulting solutions

Apec provides a broad range of services in all our areas of expertise. We can advise on or supervise any aspect of your engineering project. Whether it is a corporate, commercial, residential, institutional or utilities engineering project, you can trust Apec Consulting Engineers Ltd., for making it a success!

Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

You can rely on us for practical and economic geotechnical & foundation design recommendations. Our staff has extensive experience in advanced data gathering and engineering analysis. We deliver value-added services to the design team to make the project possible and successful. Say yes to successful construction!

Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering consultants and cost managers work alongside the designers and technical specialists to offer results that bring the best in the business sense, creativity and innovation. Whether it is roads, bridges, dams or buildings, we are here to monitor the design, construction & maintenance according to your needs.

Structural Engineering

Whether it is a tall building or a unique creative design structure, we have maintained our reputation for assisting the contractors on largest and smallest structures ever built in Cayman. Our consulting service aims to improve the structural performance of designs to meet the goals of our clients perfectly.

Specialist Hurricane Engineering

If your existing structure lacks proper fastening and has inadequate structural spacing and panel design, the hurricane winds can damage or destruct them. Our expert evaluates buildings to check its resistance. We even design the right plan for your new building to be safe & secure from the hurricane destruction.

Site Feasibility

Our site feasibility study is aimed to identify new opportunities, improve the possibilities of the success of a project and help perform all the functions in a cost-effective manner. Let us consider the feasible alternative of your project. We make sure the proposed solution is the best solution for your engineering project.

Environmental Engineering

We analyse our clients’ distinct circumstances and work out the intricacy of environmental conformity on your behalf. We are knowledgeable to formulate cost-effective & creative solutions to address the environmental challenges of our clients. For environmental engineering, testing & design services, count on us.

Certified Engineering Consultants in Cayman